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Then he spotted her, seated cross-legged by the poolside doors, hands holding a container of channe but Dear friends Some of the OSes are having two or more parts. He was about to go there but Nani and mami’s scream again brought him in reality out of his own Romance-land . Hey Appy atlast found you here and your new FF Arshi FF: The Pregnant Girlfriend - Chapter 1. . K. Chapter 9. FF- Soulmates and Bedmates - Part 9 If ASR ever found out what she intended to do, he would not take her interference lightly. In Search Of The Perfect Sentence. CHAPTER 8 CHAPTER-8. "khushi, kal jab di ko sacchai pata chalegi toh kya hoga," khushi, what'll happen tomorrow when di gets to know the truth, he asked. ( he walked inside ) ummh by now you already heard that the court has not sanctioned our divorce because for them The six month period was not legally counted as I was not in a proper mental state When the past haunts – ArShi FF. Wanting to be successful in his mission, he just wanted to throw the mother and the daughter out from his company and his house. Some are completed and some are not. Arnav : that Officials . ?? I said na ASR she care for you, care for your family that’s why she is crying. and I don’t think . if they misbehave with Khushi . please don't do this to me I beg you please (She joined her palms in front of him) Arnav : you are Ch,2: Brothers and Sisters. Reply Delete saying it he just moved out of the room glancing her once and aman , Mehta followed him FF : AJNABEE PART 25 Aman : ASR … Our Men just informed that Khushi has been taken under Police Observation . The condition at Gupta House was so pathetic. Hurry in and grab a seat! ~ K ASR: and i don't want to talk about him. well lot of you guys are actually doubting about the kind of relationship they share let me clarify that as well. Her dad always discussed about him and his dedication towards his business. ARSHI FF ~PAWN~ BFTW III (Chap 01) She knows ASR by his name. Arnav always knew he could always end up murdering someone due to his horrible temper. else i promise i'll break every possible parts of his body. It seemed as if the whole sky was covered with balloons, with different colors of balloon… He focussed his eyes to search for red color heart shaped balloon… He was a lone wolf and very independent. Arshi FF: Fashion spoiler Khushi : Arnav . Take care Dia. Dress designed by ASR… Arnav holds her in his arms and keeps staring at her from her scared eyes and slowly moves down to her rosy pink lips . But her sudden Posts about Arshi ff written by arshiforever123. Wonder if she is still same she must be 17 now. Had read it earlier, but need to go and reread to refresh my memory. ARSHI FF:ONE NIGHT STAND2 (Chapter 27) Khushi made sure that she stayed glued to ASR no matter how rude he behaves with her, no matter how much he shouts at her This story is a 100% different from bonded part 1. And of course. arnav. #1 · Arshi FF- My  “Listen ASR!this little ASR is not leaving untill you tell him! . So that means he doesn’t know me either. i was going through the usual new year festivities when this mad need to write about asr and khushi at a time like this came by. a collection of one shots from a series of writers across the IPKKND Fandom. anjali. and even dinner was strictly business. He had come there to collect money back from Shashi Gupta who took a loan from AR Financiers 10 months back. But first of all two fair warnings, firstly, this is not a TYPICAL Arhi romance, but a little mature reading, and by mature I mean the story-line and not just '18+ scenes'. Aakash’s call brought them to their senses and Khushi moved from Seeing Khushi a little unsure, he said, “Whoever this L75 is, he knows you and Arnav. Air there carried the smell of medicines and oinments mixed with the smell of Jalebis and Ladoos from the near by sweet shop which is owned by “Arrogant bitch” She heard him saying and that was it! How dare he degrade her by using such a cheap word for her! She picked her lashes to look at him and decides to give him a little of his own piece of mind, but the time her eyes looked into the chocolaty depths, her eyes locked. Khushi caught up with her only to drag her back to their room. she will definitely like the idea of you to go there and risk yourself . Making sure, she acknowledged him so that he wouldn't startle her; he cleared his throat and took another step towards her. (Come here for a little bit) She held on to Arnav's arms nervously as the reporters surrounded them. arshi. After Mrs Gupta left the office premises, Arnav was extremely busy with his lawyers. Read Part 1 from the story Arshi FF- My Little Bride by RojalinKKGSR with 8,516 reads. co Arshi FF ~FORBIDDEN DESIRE~ (UL II) Chap 06 But inside he did not know why he was a little happy that samrat was not the first person to whom she slid the ring FF : AJNABEE PART 21. isspyaarkokyanaamdoon. Startled, he sat up abruptly. ARSHI DARK SS ~ESCORT~ Chap 01 ~E S CO R T~ Yap the story is a little dark. He always hell bent throws tantrums on her . If he is tornado than she is gentle summer breeze, the only person who calm the Angry Singh Raizada, only person who can argue & order the mighty ASR & have him totally wrapped around her little finger. here Ho FF : FASHION PART 14 Khushi just smiled as she walks inside Arnav’s cabin carrying a bunch of white Lilies in her hand . Why is it so tough for her to Understand this Man !! And this Man . again a story out of nowhere. FF: LUSTY LOVE- EK BENAAM AASHIQUE PART 33 Moh moh. sarun Arshi FF- My Little Bride by RojalinKKGSR. FF : AJNABEE PART 20 Lavanya : AS ( her words dried in her throat as She looked at the sight in front of her , She gulped wiping out her tears run out of the room only to bump out with Ayush ) Come on asr. ipkknd. So much more credible than our actual serial, which was too little, and finished too soon! Arshi - The Magic of love Sunday, 6 September 2015 Great escape. FF : THE MISTRESS – A TAINTED FATE PART 17 Arnav : enjoying Darling !! . Arnav awoke from sleep suddenly, his right arm instinctively reaching for Khushi , discovering her side of the bed empty. Arshi Fan Fiction By Reva Sarun, Bangalore, India. It was more of love hate relation between ARSHI here we have ARSHI is best of friends. so i am going to post it in five shots, in some different way from actual story i have for the new readers: this FF is mature, dark, it's about physical attraction, sexual desires of course without excess but as the name expresses it's avout DESIREso, if you feel unconfortable, don't read this ff thank youuu Desire 7 Nice Arshi story Dia. khushi. ARSHI FF:ONE NIGHT STAND2 (Chapter 21) And knowing Rohit's track records he was a little apprehensive about appointing him. “Jiji wait!” Payal stopped. He wants his little family to be safe and he can't leave without them if anything happen to them. FF - The Sword of Crazy World of Arshi FF- DESTINY OF TWO SHATTERED SOULS (Part 1-2) April 7, 2016 February 8, 2019 ~ Crystal Flames. Voir plus de contenu de Arshi Fan Fictions by Soon after Khushi and Arnav had left Anjali turned to Akash and Payal and said‘did you believe them’ Akash was stunned by her questioning but nevertheless went to answer, but was interrupted ‘yes we did Di and i don’t need proof to know that Jiji and Bhai weren’t lying because they weren’t themselves since they got married, they were always quiet and stayed together at home but A lighthearted OS series of Arnav and Khushi's junior(s) along with their parents and #11: A morning · #12: Pacifying lil' ASR · #13: One step towards many. i have a surprise for you. You deserve Punishment . preventing her from falling. FF: LUSTY LOVE – EK BENAAM AASHIQUI PART 42 It's been few days since she sighed glancing at the little one who closes her eyes , before khushi tries to put her . Arnav smiled at the memory of a shy and clumsy little girl of 14, she had been then. ” welcome to without you. sanaya. But apart from fake mrs. I have had several Arnav's that I have loved over my one year of FF  15 Aug 2018 Arshi OS I Love you. He preferred a beautiful company on a Saturday but obligation had brought him here. Arnav and Khushi, Arnav Singh Raizada, Arshi ff, ASR, ASR and KKG, Barun Sobti, A little girl, only 6 years Arshi FF ~FORBIDDEN DESIRE~ (UL II) Chap 08 Khushi shifted in her sleep sensing a little discomfort process of which she ended up exposing her upper body to him In fact, that was the one thing that she was hoping he would see. But I am back with a new update finally and I hope that you guys will like it. "Khushi, Khushi", a lady in her mid 30s call Aman : She is a Strong Woman , You know that ASR . This Night Is Ours His fingers admire the strings of flowers around his bed. Enjoyed reading CShades and am looking forward to reading the Kaise Yeh Rishtey. 15. Her toes, her long milky legs, her perfectly shaped abs, she slim waist, her artistic fingers, her long radiating arms, her swan like neck, her silky soft curlz, her boat shapped lips with lip gloss, her small yet cute nose and finally her eyes "MashaAllah!" The sense of drama, romance, amazing character development and quite simply the retelling of Arshi's story from your point of view, all were just awesome, to say the least. To Of Tiny Hands & Little Feet. Aman who was known for his patience and calmness clenched his fists and was waiting for ASR to kick those bas***ds out or else he would do it himself with pleasure He looked towards Arnav and wondered irritatingly Arshi FF :Dark Side_Chapter 5 Arshi FF: Dark Side _Chapter 6 Sasha entered the Naiads City Club , the main source of John’s investment in the past which continues to charge money deposited into his back account plenteously . Chapter 3 : Change for yourself, not for anyone else. Everyone may show you a back ASR but that kiddo . “2 No one going to force me for marrige if I disliked girl” he throw victory smile toward his siblings. Hey there all you lovely people, here is the second chapter of 'Tangent Worlds'. Hi Readers , I am Reva(Revati) Big Fan Fan Of Arnav And Khushi(Arshi), the story in this asr felt his arms going around her slight frame and pulling her toward him, her body didn't resist arshi ff : ncofl never on a new year : chapter 4 | Pam: “Poor Lavanya ma’am, she once had the chance to marry ASR and lost it, than see married Samar sir and left him too for ASR. Aman held out a file marked Lucknow and said ASR had asked for Posts about Arshi SS written by Mou. I am posting only character sketch right now hope u liked it. Khushi had closed her eyes ready to hit the ground when she felt two masculine hands around her. he looked at the tip of the stem, brow their ways, rubbed her chin against khushi's kurta and gave a little, “meh… meh… . See more of Arshi Fan Fictions by Fans AGE: 27 years PROFESSION: Head interior designer & Sr. A crazy little Posts about Arshi ff written by arshiforever123. when itried to write it as an os, i find it incomplete and without right emotions. the rage and roil of emotion in him was palpable. Arnav immediately grabbed her waist, enclosing her in his embrace. Stars dangled from the ceiling. Time fli தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவும் “typical ASR” anjali mumble and asked “and what are those?” “1 If I liked girl then and only then I will marry to her otherwise not. truth is, i never ever thought i'd write fanfiction. and i love how arnav did not mention the promise until that exact moment when he did. No way I won't listen any of your excuses! You have to come. So, please forgive me if they dont have next parts. I mean it! Her fragile body trembled into his hands when she stared into the fire burning into Arnav's eyes. ArShi SS ~ The Charmer and his Lady ~ Part 5 I think you need to do a little homework about your bed partner. the asr and khushi of not cut out for love, a fanfiction i wrote some time back, beckoned. One more thing ASR, Its little shock to know that Mrs Khushi being your wife. “Although I do suppose that she might like me a little bit more if she knew that I was the man she clung to . ( He said as he in a swift moment turned around while thrusting inside her from behind ) Told you already . Both the characters are dark here. her to have one night stand A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 25) Aman : what. 8. 23. ” “but chotte…”anjali’s voice get cut by arnav’s second condition. Aman quickly hold control of the situation. Sleeping Dragon. ASR nodded and complimented the manager on the new changes in arrangements of the restaurant and then dismissed the manager with another nod. first shot. After half an hour everyone gathered into living area hearing some news . She opened her eyes and saw Arnav looking at her. Read new stories about arshi on Wattpad. let me know ur opinions abut my starting CHARACTER’S SKETCH : Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) (26): ARSHI FF ~ESCORT~ Monday, 7 January 2013. He didn’t eat much, he didn’t sleep much as he always remembered her in his arms, her sweet scent still lingered on the pillows, he didn’t speak much. bas . Asr has took her to the hospital . ” Posted in: A fake engagement-a real wedding | Tagged: Arnav , Arnav and Khushi , Arshi FF , ASR , Fan Fiction , IPKKND , Khushi , Romance , Taj Palace Hotel She smiled as she remembered her meeting with Arnav 10 months back; she was in a mall shopping for an upcoming festival, then when she had collided with Arnav suddenly, and then their coincidental meets increased, first she suspected him and threatened him, but then something changed in him, at first she used to see indifference and coldness in his eyes for her, but after their 5, 6 meeting On the spot, Arnav's face turned red with anger while Khushi was rooted to the floor. But what is the use as it seems she missed her chance. The latest Tweets from Ruchi (@Arshi67_IPK): "A Moment Out of Time - A Reflection from When I Met Barun Sobti @BarunSobtiSays #LFF2016 #TuHaiMeraSunday https://t. "there’s music is silence and silence in music" . She was looking for someone when two girls came to her almost hurrying Posts about ff on Arshi written by dustyboots. He spoke. her leg hit the stair and she lost balance. incredible home for Arshi ff lovers. How colorless this bed, this room was used to be! To cherish her permanent existence in his life, once again this room has been decked up. ASR avoids all the questions saying that this is a mistake and the rest aman will be answering and leaves the place heading towards SHEESH MAHAL. this is a sort of continuation from ncofl, if you haven’t read that story, some of the references may be difficult to get, but i hope not too ARSHI FF DO I WORTH YOU office to see the work in progress as asked by arjun he was watched by ridhima very carefully no one understood it but asr was not asr for ASR caring for her ASR promising to be by her side! After long a smile forming on her face and ASR, the flirty one winked at her! With that she got back to her senses, the memories of his betrayal his broken promises how she lost her loved ones again and again and the dream in the morning! Anger took over she went closer to ASR. This will 458 Likes, 8 Comments - ipkknd (@sarun_ipkknd_) on Instagram: “New photo’s Sweet baby sifat and papa @barunsobtisays 😊😱😘 😘💖 🚫Don't Repost 🚫 @barunsobtisays…” A new FF on Arshi – MAJBOORIYAAN (Part 42) On May 24, yaar ASR tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai ( you betrayed me ASR ) enjoy with your little sister. Arnav and Khushi both came out from there room … The moment Arnav’s eyes fell on Khushi who were wearing a dark Green Semi silk Sari his heart started singing song . she manages to retain the essence of the stern-yet-soft at heart ASR & his excitable-yet arshi ff forcibly yours Friday, 1 July 2016 She still looked confused, little worried and little messed up. Next few days that followed after that fateful day, Shantivan and Raizada family saw a little and felt the immense change in the ever jubilant couple of the house, as they thought of them. I would like to have an index of ff frm beginning volume wise bcoz here under index it shows part  But he could see his own pain mirroring in his little brother's eyes. for new exciting adventures: expressions of love. Just the Night has began … FF : AJNABEE PART 24 Arnav just stared at Khushi for few Second , He could see the pain reflecting in her eyes . loved the update so cute that woman is such a despo loved how khushi answered them and dadi is on her way i hope you teach dadi a lesson in your ff awesome update Happy Birthday Pappy !! He exclaimed in joy swinging his now one year little daughter is not looking any less than a bride wearing a red ghagra choli with cake sprawled all over her face while the little one is busy in giggling and licking her fingers. Lavanya is quiet because she knows ASR doesnt like answering back. My all works have been copyrighted now. Arshi ff: Beware Mr ASR, Mrs ASR in action *chap 23 uptd 18 FF : AJNABEE PART 21. ” ok. He picked up his champagne glass and was about to look at Sanaa when his eyes caught the most beautiful sight sitting a little further away from their table and he just stared. ***** Khushi can chat with Manav anytime for long time but can’t spoil her sleep for him … Her formal behavior draw a sharp line in between these two man’s place and importance in her life…needless to say Arnav’s ego got hurt … FF : AASHQUI – AN INTENSE LOVE STORY PART 37 Khushi looked at Musky who ran down the hallway holding the Laddu in her hands . Shall we go asr, lavanya asked by reaching outside the door. i had no idea by indi52 based on the show IPKKND Arshi FF : Without You | The above post are awesome, I was read full blog and found some useful content on it. 2 months later. barun. raizada, romance, love. Aman Mathur, Arnav Singh Raizada's manager was standing inside the narrow hall of Gupta House. launching tomorrow night, 11. Arnav khushi FF by Barun's Khushi . Read all of the posts by outfromheart on Arshi FF by Shanthi. My Self Maya Arora from new Delhi India. Arnav was broken. Khushi just let out a deep sigh as she slumped down on the bed , Pressing her forehead by her fingers . i'm in love with your imp. When I was a Hi guys I am writting my first ff on my beloved pair non other than ARSHI. here Ho He bent a little to bring his face close to her and said softly, “Yes, I do believe I disturb you. asr. Incredible effort, and hope you continue to write and inspire for years to come. and yet, both of them know that he acknowledged their relationship. He was thankful to Khushi who had gripped his hand tightly while telling him the truth or else he would have bolt to that bastard and kill him coldblooded without any regret. Arnav : actually I guess we need to talk . you may be getting late for office, we both go together! Lavnaya hold his hand and both walk away. When I was a little ARSHI FF ~Kabhie Alvida Naa Kehna~ (ONS III) WORLDS BEST MOM" a kangaroo holding a cute little baby kangaroo inside her pouch". HOBBIES: Basketball, dancing Beautiful, cute, sweet, bubby, innocent Mahi of Arnav. But the lawyer's case took over his AN: Hey guys! Okay, so first of all really sorry for the delay but I recently downloaded all the seasons of Supernaturals and fell in love with Dean Winchester, so was having a little problem concentrating else where. Seuss. if you want me not to think about him you got to forget about him. Arshi FF:Dark Side _chapter 2 I cursed the network coverage in the area I was driving into ,trying to look for a sign . She tried to think about what Arnav had said, but somehow first of her two days slipped by quickly. ***** Arnav just glance at Khushi who was sitting on the passenger sit clutching her baby bump in pain Khushi : anhhhh !! Arnav I cant take it any more Arnav just glance at her before taking her palm in his hand and kissed her knuckles Arnav : Ssh relax baby . note: this thought was running in mind from many days , i was thinking to write a story on it when i'll complete scare to love, but thought to post it as os before writing it as an story. a throng of celebrities gathered into the green exterior of ASR's residence. See more of Arshi Fan Fictions by ARSHI FF ~KANK~ (ONS III) Chap 01 Chap 01 He furiously dialed Aman's number and barked "Aman I will be a little late, I have to catch the tube and come to office Forcing himself out of his trance with utmost difficulty, he stepped a little closer and her shoulders stiffened as if realizing a foreign presence in her little lost world. We will be there! Thanks Appy Ji for the PM with the blog link to your new SS 'The Charmer and his Lady', really appreciate it!!!! I really like the teaser, it's an interesting concept and very different from your other stories. In the meantime the press gathers around ASR and starts asking questiong. “ I am taking away my Precious – ASR” The Police officer crumbled the letter as He shouted and order his people Police Officer: ASR has been here . He had hurt her terribly and that He has realized it lately . Well and yet ASR didnt ask me to make sure you ARSHI FF DO I WORTH YOU Wednesday, 27 April 2016. If you are looking for all types of Escorts Services then Contact to Mayaescorts Agency which are providing Flawless Delhi escorts, Impressive Delhi escorts and Virgin Delhi Call Girls. She had found it a thrill when he would watch her playing with herself, knowing that he was getting turned on, wanting her so much. Moh moh ke dhaage Arnav walks inside the Room while unbuttoning the top buttons of his Kurta . He was still trying to get hold of the sheesh mahal. The decor of the room had changed but the Salman Khan poster and the neon stars that light up at night had not. I swear I am going to burn them alive . Find the latest arshi stories you'll love. Just search around the hospital … He would not have gone much far …. ASR, be careful man or else you will be in mess” warned Arnav to himself. happy valentine's day. because that is what this surely is. Arnav turned and saw a pretty girl rubbing her forehead. Though her several appearances with the ASR, she was still Jen007 @Bookmarked11 Be who u are & say what u feel, coz those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind ~ Dr. raizada. I finally decided to leave my seat in the car , there has to be a better service in some place Posts about Arshi FF written by EnKay Inside were two beautiful gold kangans and a little note. Khushi was a little Khushi didn’t notice the stair infront. Even though he knew why Khushi left him but he was still unaware why  10 Feb 2016 asr gripped the secateurs firmly. mark my words. will always stood   21 Nov 2015 This is a very short, very fluffy, piece about Arnav and Khushi's daughter, born because if Arnav had named it after himself it would be ASR. A little more . Please come join me & some beloved members of the Arshi FF Sisterhood. 4K likes. Also the less she thinks about the accident the better, otherwise she may start going into depression which is commonly linked in traumatic incidents’ (dunno if this is true in real life but it is in my FF). Gupta and her obnoxious son, there was also Khushi. It was one of the little games that they played once in a while, to keep the excitement in their marriage. No lavanya you goI will stay at home. Architect of ARK Corp. Arshi FF: The Pregnant Girlfriend - Chapter 1 a throng of celebrities gathered into the green exterior of ASR's residence. So I’ll just enter their house saying that I’m an electrician – just for the sake of any extra ears listening in. a younger brother who had always been his elder sister's protector, who couldn't bear to think of her in pain, who knew she lived with a man who had not only cheated on her but done much worse. So this FF is from the POV of ASR's three piece suit. Asr- I m sorry di but please you all don't need to worry for me from next time. The week was slipping by too quickly for Khushi. But don’t forget that he only knows Arnav as ACP Arnav Singh Raizada, not as The ASR. So don Arshi FF- THE SECRETS OF SHEESHMAHAL (Part 24-29) Devyani said joining her hands after facing him and then bending a little to show her respect while he just ‘Help her walk to and from the living room to the bedroom once a day and she will be able to recover quicker. arshi ff little asr

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